THANK YOU to all our current and past Adopt-a-Class sponsors. Please support our local sponsors!

Class of 2024, Sponsored by Brookline Bank
Parent Representative: Rose Hatch and Kristel Hammond,


Class of 2025, Sponsored by Olde Town Liquor and Newtowne Grille
Parent Representative: Cathy Perry,
Parent Representative: Joan Tremblay,


Class of 2026, Sponsored by Rockland Trust
Parent Representative: Susan Shultz,


Class of 2027, Sponsored by King's Burlington
Parent Representatives: Stacey Huberty and Margo Fraczek,


Class of 2028, Sponsored by Lahey Health
Parent Representative: Lori Vienneau and Sharleen Davis,


Class of 2029, Sponsored by AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care
Parent Representative: Christina Day,


Class of 2030, Sponsored by Nordblom 3rd Ave Burlington
Parent Representatives: Amy & Mike Percoskie,


Class of 2031, Sponsored by Rebel Restaurants
Parent Representatives: Kevin & Cheryl Sheehan and Jennifer Markussen,


Class of 2032, Sponsored by The Capital Grille
Parent Representative: Kristin Currier,


Class of 2033, Sponsored by The Bagel Bar and Stride Fitness
Parent Representatives: Amy & Mike Percoskie,


Class of 2034, Sponsored by Eddie V's Prime Seafood
Parent Representatives: Diamonto Vakalfotis, Marcia Mailloux, and Melissa Massardo,


Class of 2035, Sponsored by TBD
Nicole Merryman, Jennifer Sarno, Nina Khalil, Michelle Davoren, and Katrina Boschetti,


Class of 2036, Sponsored by TBD


Class of 2037, Sponsored by Brookline Bank


Please contact a member of our Adopt-a-Class team to find out more about how your local business can become an Adopt-a-Class Sponsor!

Debbie Keene
(781) 272-3373

Rose Hatch

Joe Warrino