THANK YOU to all our current and past Adopt-a-Class sponsors. Please support our local sponsors!

Class of 2022, Sponsored by Brookline Bank

Parent Representative: Kristin Russo,
Parent Representative: Rose Hatch,


Class of 2023, Sponsored by Reading Cooperative Bank
Parent Representative: Kim Festi,


Class of 2024, Sponsored by Century Bank
Parent Representative: Rose Hatch,
Parent Representative: Kristel Hammond,


Class of 2025, Sponsored by Olde Town Liquor and Newtowne Grille
Parent Representative: Cathy Perry,
Parent Representative: Joan Tremblay,


Class of 2026, Sponsored by Rockland Trust
Parent Representative: Susan Shultz,


Class of 2027, Sponsored by King's Burlington
Parent Representatives: Josh & Melissa Murphy,


Class of 2028, Sponsored by Lahey Health
Parent Representative: Sharleen Davis,


Class of 2029, Sponsored by AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care
Parent Representative: Christina Day,


Class of 2030, Sponsored by Nordblom 3rd Ave Burlington
Parent Representatives: Amy & Mike Percoskie,


Class of 2031, Sponsored by Rebel Restaurants
Parent Representatives: Kevin & Cheryl Sheehan and Jennifer Markussen,


Class of 2032, Sponsored by The Capital Grille


Class of 2033, Sponsored by The Bagel Bar
Parent Representatives: Amy & Mike Percoskie,


Class of 2034, Sponsored by Eddie V's Prime Seafood
Parent Representatives: Diamonto Vakalfotis, Marcia Mailloux, and Melissa Massardo,


Please contact a member of our Adopt-a-Class team to find out more about how your local business can become an Adopt-a-Class Sponsor!

Debbie Keene
(781) 272-3373

Rose Hatch

Joe Warrino